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Exporting your lists

How do I export my list?

After your list verification is complete, click on your list and head to the Export page on the left hand side of your dashboard. Here you'll be able to select which email categories you'd like to include in your exported list. You'll also have the option to include/exclude additional filters, such as Free, Role, Accept-All, or Disposable emails.

After making your selection, click "Download CSV" or, if you have an integration set up, you can send directly to your integrated service of choice. Either way, you'll receive an email as soon as your export is complete!

How do I export only deliverable emails?

On the results page, click the Export tab. From here you’ll be able to create a new list of emails by selecting the verification categories and filters you wish to include in your export. Keep in mind the categories are pre-selected to only include Deliverable emails, including Free emails.

Why is my export missing some emails?

Make sure you are selecting "Include" for the categories at the bottom of your export.

For more information on what these categories mean:

Accept All: Addresses that will initially accept mail for any address, but may not reach an actual inbox. This can also cause a bounce (a failed delivery notification, which gets returned to the sender).

Disposable: Created often by users who do not wish to give their primary address. These are defined as “Risky” because they are temporary and will only be valid for a short period of time.

Role: These generally define a responsibility rather than a person (i.e. support@ or info@) and often are managed by several people. These emails are often associated with more bounces, more unsubscribes, and decreased engagement rates.
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