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Billing and Pricing

What payment methods are accepted?

The following are accepted: Paypal, Credit Card, Invoice. For Enterprise customers, we can offer flexible billing terms and specific payment methods such as ACH or Wire Transfer. Simply contact us through online chat or at .

Please check out Paypal payment methods on their website.

How do I update my credit card?

You can update your credit card on file in the Billing section of your “My Account” page, found in the upper right side of your dashboard.

Where can I view my invoices?

You can access your recent invoices in the billing page in your dashboard. To view or download, click "View". If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at the email mentioned above.

What does one credit buy me?

One Credit = One Email Verification. We do not count unknown or duplicate email addresses against your credit amount.

The good news is, these credits never expire. So it is always worth checking out packages that have more credits than you need in the moment. Always plan ahead.

What is Monitor and how is its pricing different from regular credits?

Monitor is a solution that automates list cleaning for you, making your life even easier. It is easy to configure, and you are charged a monthly fee for it, depending on the volume of emails you upload. This means your data is always up to date. Find out more about our Monitor solution here.

Keep in mind that the price can change depending on the emails you upload. The pricing structure is based on the range your total number of emails fall in. For example, if you have 40K emails, you will pay the “upto 50K” charge of $99 per month.

You can also choose the yearly payment option to get a considerable discount. By using Monitor, you can configure it to automatically clean your lists daily, if you so wanted.
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