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Understanding Emailable's verification

What is the minimum number of emails I can verify?

No list is too small. You can upload a list of any size, but keep in mind the more credits you buy, the more you save!

How are syntax issues, such as spaces, handled in verification?

Emails, such as emily, will be identified and marked as undeliverable. This way, these issues can be manually resolved and reverified.

How long does it take to verify my list?

The time it takes to verify will vary depending on the emails in your list. As your list is verified we begin to show you the results in real-time. We also provide a progress bar which shows how much of your list has already been verified.

Why is my list stuck at 99% processing?

Sometimes you'll see a little stall at 99% because the system will skip over emails that are taking too long and will go back to them at the end and continue to retry. It takes a moment for the last bit to finish up. Don’t worry, it will be finished shortly.
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