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Monitor for Brevo

With Monitor, you can automatically clean the emails that you collect and manage through Brevo. 

In your dashboard, head to the “Monitor” tab in the top navigation, and, click “Get Started” to connect your first Monitor list.

Here, you will see your connected Brevo integration. If you do not see the integration you’re looking for, click “Connect” in the top right. For detailed steps on connecting your integration, click here

Select the list(s) you’d like to set up on Monitor. Click “Next”.

Wait while the list(s) Import. Here, you can view the total number of emails that you are importing. When the emails have finished importing, click “Next”.

Sign up for your subscription. Keep in mind that monthly subscriptions will be adjusted depending on the number of emails you verify in a month.

Configure your settings.

Step 1. Select what you’d like Monitor to automatically do to the addresses that match your filter. These emails will be “Unsubscribed”. Next, select how often you’d like the list to reverify.

Step 2. Select which states you’d like to be unsubscribed.

Step 3. Customize which types of emails you’d like to include or exclude from the states selected in Step 2. For more information on what these emails, click here

Make sure you “Save” your settings when you’re done.

Sit back and relax while your email lists are automatically verified.

Updated on: 08/31/2023

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