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More about the API

More about the API

How can I set up my API? Is it difficult to set up?

With our API, you can integrate email address verification into your own applications very easily. This means that you can enable automatic real-time validation in your backend, without needing to access the website.

It is straightforward, and you can find the complete API documentation here.

How do I test the API?

We offer test keys for the purpose of testing the API. Keep in mind when using a test key, a sample response will be returned.

To receive responses, you will need to create a live key in the API page in your dashboard.

How do I check my API usage?

You can check your API usage in your dashboard by clicking “API” in the upper-righthand corner. Here, you can see your API usage over the last 7 or 30 days, as well as your API keys.

Updated on: 04/22/2021

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