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Widget Help Troubleshooting

Having trouble installing the Widget? Try troubleshooting with the steps below.

1. Script not installed on page

First, make sure that the following command works. If it doesn't work, the script isn't being loaded for a variety of reasons, such as ad-block or incorrect installation.

In a browser console if you run the following command you should get the following response:

> window['EmailableObject']
< "emailable"

2. Email input field does not match default selector

Next, in a browser console, if you run the following command you should receive a response which is the number of inputs that match the query. If 0 is returned, it is likely you are not using an input with the type set to email. If this is the case, you will need to use the inputSelector configuration option that can be found here to target your input using either an HTML Class, ID or Input Name. You can also change the input to be set to type of email. To do this, you will need to have an understanding of basic JavaScript to properly write the selector and basic HTML to understand what the type setting is on an input.

> document.querySelectorAll('input[type=email]').length
< 0

3. Verifying icon displays but no result ever shows

In the browser console, go to the Network tab and type verify in the Filter box and select XHR from the tabs.

Then, start to type something in the input that should be verifying. You likely will see a red verify appear in the list. If you click on it and click the Response tab you should see something like this.

If the response is Invalid API key it usually is because you have not properly configured the Trusted Domains for this API Key. If this is the case, please login to your dashboard and find the API Key in the API page. It would have the Security setting set to Public and when you click Manage you should see this.

If the Trusted Domains does not include the domain you are trying to install the widget on, that is the problem. All subdomains of a domain listed in the Trusted Domains work. If you install the widget on and then should be listed in the Trust Domains and everything will work. Alternatively, if you listed as the Trusted Domains then would not work.

Updated on: 01/26/2023

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