API Migration from Verify-Email

This information is specifically for users migrating from the Verify-Email API.
Please review the following breaking changes listed below when migrating from Verify-Email to Emailable. Our API will remain mostly the same and likely will require minimal or no changes for a majority of our users. All endpoints will remain the same unless otherwise stated below. There are no plans to deprecate this API at any time in the future beyond the changes listed here.

Please note that Verify-Email API endpoints will only work when using API Keys migrated from Verify-Email. Emailable API Keys will not work with Verify-Email API endpoints.

Breaking Changes


Rate limits are now 25 / second / API Key for all endpoints. If you need higher rate limits, please contact support.
No Changes

The following endpoints should function exactly how they did prior to migration.
If you encounter any differences, please email api-bugs@emailable.com with a detailed explanation of the difference. Please include the full request and response, including all headers, and all information necessary for our team to replicate the issue.


GET https://app.verify-email.org/api/v1/{key}/verify/{email}
GET https://app.verify-email.org/api/v1/{key}/credits
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