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How do I get started?

First, create an account, confirm your email address, and head over to your dashboard.

Then, click "Get Started" to add a new list, select your list source, and upload your email list. You will be prompted to purchase credits before verification begins. Emailable will provide you with a status bar showing how many emails have been verified. Click “View Results” to see the verification results in real-time.

What kind of file format does Emailable accept?

In order for our system to accept and process your email list properly, you’ll need to upload it as a CSV (.csv), Excel (.xlsx), or Text (.txt) file. The limit on the number of emails on the file is 5M, and the file cannot exceed 100MB.

You can have other columns in the file, as long as you have all the emails in the same column and only 1 (one) email per row.

Updated on: 10/24/2022

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