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Understanding Apple Private Email Relay Service addresses (

Email addresses generated by the Apple Private Email Relay Service (for example, are special email addresses generated by Apple to hide the user's real email address for privacy. Here's some useful information about these addresses.

Emailable will return a state of Undeliverable for these addresses because the sender's address must be at a domain authorized by the developer. If you collected these emails from an app you control, you should not verify these emails with Emailable. If you did not, you should not have these emails, and you should not send to them. Any emails sent to these addresses from senders that aren't explicitly authorized to send to them will be rejected.
They end in or
They route emails to one of the Apple ID’s verified email addresses.
They’re the same for a user across all apps written by a single development team, and different for the same user across apps written by different development teams.

Updated on: 06/03/2022

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