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Launch Guide: Migrating from Email Checker

Launch Guide: Migrating from Email Checker


With Emailable, users will have several options to choose from when verifying their emails.


Our Bulk solution makes verification easy. With options to upload from your computer or seamlessly integrate with your email marketing platform, it’ll only take a few minutes to import your list, verify it and view your results. Bulk also includes unlimited customizable exports that can be sent directly to your email marketing platform, or downloaded to your computer.

With Bulk, every email on your list is provided with in-depth deliverability information, including an Email Quality Score that ranks an email’s deliverability on a scale from 0-100, its deliverability category (deliverable, risky, undeliverable), and name and gender information when possible.


Automate your list cleaning with Monitor. Simply import your list from the email marketing platform you already use, set your configurations and sit back while your list is automatically verified.

As you add new addresses into your email marketing platform, they will be synced into Emailable, verified, and updated back in your platform directly, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your list is clean at all times. In addition, you can reverify your list at a frequency of your choosing (we recommend to do it daily!) so emails are removed the moment they are no longer deliverable.


Built by developers for developers, our API integrates directly into your website, application or landing pages. Our API enables you to filter bad email addresses in the coding language of your choice, making quick to set up and easy to use.

Additionally, our dashboard includes a detailed overview of your API usage, allowing you to get a birds eye view of your verifications, responses and results.


Verify emails the moment they’re input into your existing form with our Widget. By simply copying and pasting a few lines of code, emails will be verified in real-time as users type their email address into your form.

Our Widget is customizable, allowing you to set your own parameters of which addresses make your list. Some of these customizations include a free email check, typing time interval, misspelled email address check and more. Our Widget helps you to keep bad email addresses off your list from the beginning, ensuring that you only engage with your real website visitors.


While the global pandemic has forced businesses to operate remotely, email marketing, and email verification have never been more important.

Therefore, our challenge was to reach a price that represents our investments in technology to deliver accuracy in results, combined with our mission to make the email verification process more affordable for all companies.

In keeping with our commitment to providing the highest quality email verification solutions available, our pricing is designed with our customers in mind. Included in our pricing is our 99% deliverability guarantee, so you can be confident that the results you receive from Emailable are accurate.



We are no longer restricting our customers to purchase specific credit amounts. Now you will have the ability to purchase exactly what you need rounded up to the nearest 1,000 credits. For example, if you are verifying 25,125 emails you will be rounded up to 26,000.


At Emailable, we also offer you the ability to subscribe to credits on a monthly or yearly basis. Subscribe and save 10% with no contracts and no commitments.


Our Monitor solution requires its own subscription. Save up to 60% when compared to performing email verification manually.

How do I migrate from Email Checker to Emailable?

Migration to and Emailable by Email Checker users is optional for a period of time. The process is also simple and quick:

Log in to your Email Checker account

Click on the banner to agree to the migration

You will be directed to the Emailable app

When migrating to Emailable, your credit balance and other settings will be migrated automatically.

Also, Email Checker users earn 5k extra credits to start using the Emailable App.

Are you an API user? Check out our API migration guide.

Click here to migrate your account.

Updated on: 06/21/2022

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